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Choose a category and discover a wide range of accessories for your work.

Motyx aims to meet the needs of the automotive market. The core business is represented by the distribution of a variety of accessories, satisfying the demands of different application areas: from the chemical line, to accessories and tools, up to personal protective equipment.


You can browse all the products in the constantly updated Motyx catalog.

Distributed by Maurelli GROUP


Motyx, a private label born in 2019, is one of the projects in which the Maurelli Group, international LEADER in the distribution of spare parts for trucks & trailers, believes the most.

The Motyx brand puts in place the experience and capillarity of Maurelli Distribuzione, to aim for a privileged role in the automotive sector.

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Research and development: Private Label

Motyx is synonymous with quality and innovation.
With particular attention to reliability. Motyx products are chosen and subjected to rigorous tests and certified quality compliant with the most stringent regulations on safety and protection of the environment and health of users, in particular reliability.

Prodotti Chimici Certificati
Motyx Prodotti Chimici

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